Xloudia TV is the fastest movie recognition technology, solution and service for interacting with a TV program or a movie.

Xloudia is a high performance video indexing technology associated to a best-of-breed recognition platform.

With Xloudia, contents owners can bring their audience’s experience to new heights as it lets your audience find products,  interact with broadcasts, buy products they see in shows, vote, comment, share and much more.

Artificial Intelligence assists the understanding of the scenes, and optimize the recognition process.


Xloudia TV typically addresses 2 use cases:

1- TV Channel make their full day Interactive using Xloudia TV REST API (* direct broadcast cannot be processed)

2- Brands make their TV commercials interactive on multiple TV channels and often in a cross-media plan, in conjunction with other media like print, products, in-store by using other Xloudia modules.

  • Advertisers
  • Large Brands
  • TV Channels
  • TV-Commerce

Various and numerous applications will engage your audience:

  • product information retrieval
  • click-and-buy e-commerce
  • games
  • social networking
  • polls and survey
  • ratings
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Xloudia TV focuses on performance, simplicity and user experience.

Contents owners upload their video to Xloudia servers. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), movies are analyse to exclude unnecessary or unusable frames and focus on relevant frames, a video indexing occurs against a define base of reference products, people, buildings (up the client's project).

Xloudia TV AI algorithms extract 1 frame out of 5, 10 or 20 and creates a reference "database" for each extracted frame. A database is a few set of coordinates as well as a set of color tags.

Movies are then deleted from Xloudia’s server for storage and intellectual property sake. When a user points at her TV, her smartphone sends information about the movie, feature points and colours. Xloudia TV compares the received data to existing sets and reverts with the movie ID. The smartphone uses the movie ID to call web contents


Xloudia TV comes with a complete management dashboard which lets you create and manage “campaigns” (we call them categories).

Analytics are a strong feature in Xloudia TV. They allow a complete and real time view of usage.

Analytics graphically presents information about each movie, sequence in the movie, smartphone OS, date & time and usage forecast for the current month.

Analytics can be extracted as CSV files or integrated into a third party system using REST API.



  • Smartphone from iPhone 4S, Galaxy SIII (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Tablets
  • Smartglasses (Android)


  • Efficient and fast process thanks to Artificial Intelligence understanding of scenes
  • No movie storage: once the movie are processed, their are deleted from Xloudia’s servers
  • Multi-OS, multi-format: Android, iOS, iPad, tablets, smartglasses,…
  • Reliable: Xloudia TV is hosted at Amazon AWS in Tokyo and leverages AWS′s infrastructure around the world (CloudFront) for homogeneous performance
  • It works on color and monochrome movies
  • Light communication between smartphone and Xloudia server (JSON)
  • Real time analytics

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