Automated contents indexing and Retrieval

Xloudia Video Commerce is a suite of TECHNOLOGIES which enables new business models AROUND video.

XLOUDIA VIDEO COMMERCE'S API automatES content recognition within video FOR SELF linKING to actionable buttons.



We help you automate the indexing and tagging of your videos or large library of images. We help you bringing interactivity to your movies and images on the web or on smartphone

Xloudia Indexing finds and locates defined or generic elements within images. You submit your images and footages via REST API and we provide you back with the location where you can put your interactive buttons, with the right product ID.


Target Markets

  • blogging industry
  • e-commerce web sites and apps
  • content providers
  • media companies
  • advertisers & brands
  • online education
  • start-ups
 Positioning buttons on digital contents is a daunting task that Xloudia Video Commerce eases and automates.

Positioning buttons on digital contents is a daunting task that Xloudia Video Commerce eases and automates.

In this video:

  • Automatic product detection
  • Action button self-placement
  • Brand and logo exposure calculation
  • Live couponing
  • Point of interest suggestion
  • Brand auto-placement
  • Face identification
  • Color tracking

How it works

We process your images to extract feature points, vectors and colors, we compare them with reference databases.

We offer 3 options:

  • Comparison based on your references images. This is particularly effective with logos, products and people faces.
  • Comparison with object classes. This is particularly recommended to identify vehicles, organic objects, animals,...
  • The association of the 2 above, working together, for maximum powerful results.

OPTION 1: for well defined indexing

Your CMS submits a new image via REST API.
Xloudia Search processes this image for comparison with reference images.
Xloudia reverts with ID of the precise product + coordinates of the product in the image (centered). 



Your CMS submits a new image via REST API. Xloudia Search finds products by class in the image. Xloudia reverts with Class ID + coordinates of the class product in the image (centered). 


  • Full automation between your server and Xloudia: No human intervention, works 24/7
  • High accuracy
  • Large database processing
  • High-speed
  • No storage of content: content is deleted from Xloudia's server after processing
  • Confidential: no human eyes in the process
  • White label: nobody will know that the work is done by Xloudia


The initial indexing process is composed of multiple sophisticated steps, which, once completed, allow search results in less than 200 sec on large databases or movies.

Xloudia servers are scalable to allow parallel indexing of multiple media.


The Xloudia Video Commerce suite comes as API and a management dashboard.

For each submitted image Xloudia Index will revert information like:

  • classification ID (i.e. car, bike, dog,...)
  • your logo or product positive appearance
  • color classification split
  • specific product ID from your catalog
  • people face ID with gender, sex and name if known from your database
  • position in the frame of the above elements (x,y) for easy actionable button positioning

In addition to the above descriptors, Xloudia Video Commerce will extract the optional information from your video footage:

  • action descriptors (Beta)
  • interestingness level for a footage sequence, points of interest (Beta)



Xloudia Video Search is the first in-video search engine which index video contents and let you search inside video.

After indexing your video database you can express queries with this syntax:

“Show me when my daughter was playing kite in the park. She was wearing her coat with strawberries”

Xloudia Video Search leverage multiple process based on computer vision and machine learning.

Your CMS submits a footage via REST API.

Xloudia Search processes this video for search for:

  • class of item (i.e. car, ball, shoes,…)
  • Precise reference image (i.e. logo)
  • Reference face
  • Predefined color radius 

Xloudia reverts with ID of the items + coordinates of the item in the frame + frame number in movie.


Both Xloudia Indexing and Xloudia Video Search require customization. They also come with custom prices based on your precise situation. Please contact us for more details.


All footages, musics, brands and contents belong to their respective owners.

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