Image Recognition & Tracking

Award-winning Technology

Xloudia Image Recognition or, "Imerico", is simply the fastest image recognition solution for smartphones and other mobile devices. 

It recognises, it tracks, it goes fast, it is pleasant to use but more importantly it integrates in any mobile application project.

Xloudia Imerico changes the core purpose of your smartphone which become a tool to decypher the world around you and create the link between analog and digital.

Xloudia Imerico identifies products from a fashion magazine in 200 milliseconds

Image Recognition

Xloudia Imerico's algorithms can recognise normal or "markeless" images like products, prints, logos, buildings, and more.

An image can be found among millions in a fraction of a second thanks to Xloudia's cloud algorithms. It goes fast !

Feature points which make a picture characteristics are extracted from the smartphone's video flow every 3 frames. There is no need to take a picture and it changes a lot of things.

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Image Tracking / Augmented reality

Xloudia Imerico can track images for Augmented Reality (AR)  applications.

Unlike standard AR technologies, Xloudia's capacity is expressed in millions markers; millions of images can be augmented.

Applications range from catalog to cities augmentation.

Find out more about Xloudia's technology.

Xloudia Imerico high precision tracking


QR / Bar Codes Reader

Xloudia Imerico comes with a QR code and Bar code reader which redirects to URL.

The code reader works seamlessly with the image recognition module, in the same process, or independently if you wish. As a seamless integration it translates codes on-the-fly, with no delay, wherever the code is in the image.

The QR / Bar code module is button-less. No button to press, a better user experience.


Application Markets

As Xloudia significantly cuts the time from discovery to purchase, Xloudia Imerico's applications are vast and numerous.

  • Mobile Commerce
  • Augmented Reality Advertising
  • Industrial Applications
  • Interactive Publishing
  • User-generated contents

Some examples of business which may be totally revolutionised by Xloudia :

  • Fashion
  • Travel & tourism
  • Printed Catalogs
  • m-Commercant

Manage Operations in Real Time

Xloudia operates from the cloud and offers all the benefits of it. 

Service activation and management is made in a few clicks without the need to republish the application on stores, with no delay.

Markers can be uploaded manually, as a ZIP file or automatically from your server thanks to REST API. Markers are operational within a few seconds.

In a glance, you control status of each marker, each product.


Amazing Analytics


Xloudia offers plenty of advanced reporting options that you can access from anywhere.

Each marker, each image is a product. Xloudia Imerico provides real-time analytics for each of them with forecasts for the month.

Alarms inform you about exceptional patterns, bursts, so that you can take immediate actions.

Daily, weekly or monthly reports brings the stuff down you mailbox.

Analytics can be exported in seconds as a CSV file.

Integration with other Xloudia Modules


Xloudia Imerico makes great association with other Xloudia modules like:

Xloudia Lite is a package version of Xloudia Imerico integrating a CMS and proposing 3 mobile app templates. Xloudia Lite lets small enterprise starts using Xloudia within hours within a single line of code.

Compatible Devices


Xloudia Imerico enables universal deployment of applications. Xloudia Imerico works on all current mobile devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets from iPad to Android-compatible tablets and Microsoft Surface
  • Wearable devices like Google-glass and likes

Xloudia Imerico is cross OS:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry

Easy Integration


Xloudia integrates into existing or new applications as a Unity3D plugin. Xloudia supply developers with a SDK including Unity assets, scripts, examples and documentation. 

Unity lets you build for Android, iOS and Windows within a few clicks.

Xloudia team is available to support you in your projects. Feel free to join our Support and Forum.

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