Color Recognition


Xloudia Color extracts and ranks colors as seen thru the smartphone's video flow. Xloudia Color corrects the white balance and the luminance so that it works in all light conditions. It sends discovered RGB references to Xloudia's servers for action references. Xloudia's servers return the right action code or the right marker reference for triggering the right events in the mobile application.

All this, within a fraction of a second because no image is transiting on the network.

A beautiful, optimised plugin.

Xloudia Color identifies Nespresso's capsules and link to the right product page.

A Spectrum of Possibilities

Xloudia Color applications are wide. They range from e-Commerce to Gaming or the education industry.

In fashion mobile commerce applications, they are used to:

  • differentiate products variations,
  • propose complementary items,
  • recommend similar products in color.

Colors identification is a strong tool for increasing customer's cart value.

Xloudia Color Module Associations

Xloudia Color is a natural complement to Xloudia Imerico, the image recognition module. Xloudia Color can improve the recognition, make the difference between similar patterns in different colors, or simply complement the visual search.

Just as Xloudia Imerico, Xloudia TV can also benefit from the Xloudia Color module as a complementary to improve the movie search and as an additional feature.

Xloudia Color runs independently from other modules and can be associated to them without CPU overload.



Xloudia's unified dashboard allows a complete and precise management of colors and tags.

Tagging of reference markers can be done systematically for each new uploaded marker or for the existing database. A tag is applied if the color ratio is superior to 10% in the image.

Tags are used to trigger actions within the mobile application.

Analytics are available for each color.

For Developers

A Unity3D plugin is available from Xloudia for easy integration into Android, iOS or Windows projects. It includes Unity assets and C# scripts. 

As free support, Xloudia proposes various color picker designs and associated assets.


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