In-Store Interactions, Made Simple

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With Xloudia Beacon retail owners, museums, event organisers create proximity interactions between their shop, their products and customers.

By approaching a beacon zone, customers receive message on their smartphone.

In the jungle of iBeacon devices, we made Xloudia Beacon universal: it works with most if not all emitters on the market

So, developers easily integrate beacon capabilities into their mobile applications for:

  • Couponing
  • In-store discount
  • Social engagement
  • Instant campaign
  • Loyalty tracking

3 Applications Markets


  • Personal welcome
  • custom couponing
  • loyalty programs
  • product-specific marketing


  • interactivity
  • personalised messages
  • social linking between guests


  • interactive guides
  • personalised paths
  • social sharing

What is a Beacon?

A beacon is a small emitter which broadcasts its ID every 1 second in a 20 meter range. It is compliant with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

Apps with Xloudia recognises this beacon ID and associates a smartphone action to it.

How works Xloudia Beacon ?

Beacon emitter broadcasts its ID every second in a range of about 40m. Xloudia’s mobile module measures distance and checks with Xloudia’s cloud for action.
When the right beacon ID is in the right range it triggers a pre-defined action on the smartphone.

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Xloudia Beacon Geo-Fencing

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One single beacon emitter is installed in the shop. It triggers messages when a specific client enters into the shop.

Messages are manageable from the Xloudia Dashboard and can vary by person, time, location, etc...

Xloudia Beacon Islands

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Interactive zones or "Islands" are created around products.

When a visitor enters a zone, it triggers an action on her smartphone.



Easy Emitters Management

Xloudia Beacon allows store, floor, shelf management from a single dashboard. 

Select and position your beacon emitters, define the reach and assign an action ID which will trigger the right action in the mobile application.

Xloudia Beacon is fast. Emitters and actions lists are automatically downloaded from the cloud as soon as a recognised emitter is in range, without waiting to enter an active zone, invisibly to the user.

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Action-oriented Analytics

Xloudia Beacon lets you take the right action at the right time and communicate with the right words to your marketing team.

  • Real time
  • Marketing standard segmentation
  • Per product, per shop analytics
  • Alerts
  • Forecasts
  • Graphical views
  • Export in CSV, PDF
  • API (REST)
 Xloudia Beacon captures analytics in background with marketing oriented classification.

Xloudia Beacon captures analytics in background with marketing oriented classification.

Developer Friendly

Xloudia provides a set of Unity3D assets to integrate into your iOS projects.

The plugins manage the BLE signal, and prefixes.

The C# scripts handle the data about shops and beacons, messages from iOS devices.

if (this.storeChains[uuid].beacons.ContainsKey(beaconId)) {
            if (this.storeChains[uuid].beacons[beaconId].shopId > 0) {
                UInt32 shopId = this.storeChains[uuid].beacons[beaconId].shopId;
                if (this.storeChains[uuid].shops.ContainsKey (shopId)) {
                    var howOld = (System.DateTime.Now - this.storeChains[uuid].shops[shopId].lastUpdate).TotalSeconds;
                    if (howOld > 10) {
                        // As long as we're in the shop, let's update our data once every 10 seconds:
                        this.storeChains[uuid].shops[shopId].lastUpdate = System.DateTime.Now;
                        StartCoroutine (GetBeaconIndex (uuid, beaconId));

Seamless Integration

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Xloudia Beacon integrates seamlessly with other Xloudia modules to bring shoppers back to stores from magazines, real products, TV programs, thanks to the cloud.

Individual clients are engaged in a seamless experience which starts from home and brings them to the product shelves.

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