Xloudia has built a complete suite of technologies to support the next generation flow of retail. They are designed and developed for mobile app developers with final users in mind.

The next generation retail encompasses e-Commerce, mobile commerce (m-Commerce), TV commerce (t-Commerce) as well as brick-and-mortar shops as places of “experience”.

6 billion smartphones will be connected in 2020.

Our vision is supported by:

  • A smartphone penetration reaching 95% in countries like Japan or Singapore, and the rest of the world follows to reach 6 billion smartphones within 5 years,
  • 4G broadband networks which allow better product information like 3D models and films
  • Secure and simple payment methods
  • Smarter distribution infrastructure with same-day delivery without storing goods in shops

The smartphone becomes a central axis in the commerce cycle as a  tool for personalisation, real-time product discovery and impulse purchase.


In some emerging countries (we prefer to say “promising” because of their demographics and growth rates) the smartphone is the unique link to the digital world. The new generation is growing with smartphones like their grand parents were to TV.

Generation Z is the first mobile internet generation, the generation which dropped e-mail for Snapchat. This generation is now entering the consumer world.

We have built the tools for this new world !

Xloudia offers the necessary bricks for mobile app developers to build a unified buyer experience which brings together Printed Materials, Real Products, TV and Shops into a personalized multimedia user experience.

Products which sell by themselves

Imagine the scene: In her kitchen, Mrs Smith "flashes" an empty milk bottle with her smartphone. She will be delivered later in the day. Instant purchase.

With Xloudia Imerico product labels, shapes, colors, logos can trigger the purchase experience. Buying on a PC will soon be past.

the second life OF PRINT

Xloudia Imerico brings motion, sounds and life to magazines, flyers and other catalogs by linking them to multimedia information and call-to-action buttons.

Readers can instantly take actions, purchase or share what they read.


TV’s not dead, but the promises of the interactive TV never delivered because the colossal internet community went faster than the atomized TV eco-system. Xloudia TV bridges the two worlds.

With Xloudia TV audiences can identify TV programs, products, advertising and experience a richer relationship with them: share on social networks, buy products, comment,...


The future of shops is not to store goods that will come in multiple variation. Dispatch can be done faster from mega-storage location and last-mile dispatch services. The future of store is demonstrating, advising, promoting.

Xloudia's envision shops where we are called by our first name and where each information is relevant to YOU.

Xloudia Beacon allows geo-localised, contextual and personalized interactions.

Convenience means Conversion

Most today's mobile interfaces are designed by the web generation designers and they copied their favorite web e-commerce interfaces. Easy job but not efficient.

Searching, discovering, typing is not as easy on a smartphone as on a PC because they treated your smartphone as a smaller version of a PC.

m-Commerce cannot grow further if consumer are obliged to type product names, read search results and search tiny images.

Xloudia offers a solution for instant visual search in a non semantic environment. Consumers point their smartphone to a product, a color, a logo and can jump into the next step action within 200mSec.

Because it is just easier to find and order a product with Xloudia, m-Commerce will outpace the traditional e-Commerce.

This is the core of our vision.

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