Computer vision for the mobile industry


How Xloudia Works


Xloudia solves a blocking issue: computer vision is too resource hungry to compare more than a few images on a smartphone. By sending the big job to the cloud's unlimited servers, Xloudia opens limitless capabilities to image recognition from a smartphone.

  1. Image's feature points and colors' RGB are extracted from the smartphone video flow and are sent to Xloudia's servers for comparison with known patterns in registered images.
  2. The requests are distributed to a neural network of servers. Xloudia reverts with the image ID as registered in Xloudia. When the tracking is activated, the smartphone also receives back the tracking matrix which is used by the 3D visualisation.
  3. The smartphone sends the image ID to an external CMS for getting web contents (prices, images, 3D model,...).

This sophisticated process is typically taking a fraction of a second.


Xloudia Imerico, Colors and TV typical workflow. Other modules use different technologies described on their respective pages.


Xloudia does not send any video or pictures to the servers. Xloudia processes the videos and images on the smartphone and send unreadable and very lightweight sets of data to the server. Each set is about the size of an empty mail. The impact on the end user data plan is close to nothing when on public network and totally zero on WiFi. Xloudia does not communicate any private information on the network.


Highest Performance and Capability


Xloudia is the fastest image and movie recognition service on the market. It typically recognises an image within 200 milliseconds when connected to a WiFi or 4G LTE network with a smatphone.

Xloudia processes 1 out of 3 frames from the smartphone or tablet's video flow, searching for known images, shapes, colors. It broadcasts requests to the cloud when necessary only as JSON strings.


Xloudia relies on Amazon AWS excellence for the requests handling. Requests are distributed to a neural networks which auto-adjust to burst and traffic increase.

Xloudia operates from Japan, a country known for its internet infrastructure excellence. Xloudia’s engine and databases are securely duplicated in real time.


Xloudia is designed for the mobile industry and leverages the 4G LTE specifications.

Xloudia offers a perfectly optimised experience on most recent smartphones like Apple's iPhone 5S or Samsung's Galaxy S4 but also runs on older models.


Speed is critical

Ease of use and speed are the most important factors of success for an image recognition project. It will decide if your application will create value or discomfort to your users. Adoption and regular use is totally depending on these user experience factors. 

Countless failed projects were based on picture-taking solutions. Requesting the user to take a picture is not a solution. Xloudia extracts feature points from the video stream of the smartphone and leverage a hyper efficient communication algorithm to exchange with Xloudia cloud servers.

Thanks to recent algorithm and architecture improvements on both client and cloud sides, Xloudia Plus is 10 times faster than the standard Xloudia solution which is 30% faster than other video stream-based solutions.

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A Modular Approach


Not all projects require all Xloudia modules. Xloudia proposes a series of modules which can work independently from each others or together within the mobile application.

  • Xloudia Imerico: image, product, logo, QR code, building recognition and tracking
  • Xloudia TV: TV program and movie recognition
  • Xloudia Color: track colors
  • Xloudia Lite: a packaged version of Xloudia for non-developers
  • Xloudia Beacon: in-store engagement
  • NEW! Xloudia Search: in-Video content indexing and search
  • NEW! Xloudia Labelling: automated image labeling


Deep Learning


Xloudia started running proprietary machine learning algorithms for 3 missions:

1- provide end-users with optional recommendations related to their positive or negative searches, also called similarities.

Those algorithms cross multiple data sources like:

  • Image feature points (Xloudia Imerico)
  • Colors (Xloudia Colors)
  • 3D Shape (Xloudia 3D, soon)
  • Location information (Xloudia Beacon)
  • QR Code and bar code (Xloudia Imerico)
  • TV programs (Xloudia TV)
  • Contextualdata: time, weather, events, user history,...

2- improve Xloudia general system search performance by creating a smart distributon network of searches.

3- Classifications and Proximity suggestions.



The Unified Dashboard


Xloudia's various modules are unified by the dashboard which allows efficient:

  • Provisioning

  • Management

  • Real-time Analytics

Xloudia's dashboard is the ultimate windows to project operations management. 

  • Total Operations Management: account and categories, markers creation/deletion/suspension.

  • Alerts: unlimited alerts.

  • Limits: client or category activity suspension on a specific amount of requests or specific date.

  • Forecast: Monthly and quarterly forcast based on history.

  • Analytics: action-focus information lets you find the right data to make the right decision.

  • Graphics: Graphical visualisation of data.

  • CSV, PDF exports: for better use of data in your favorite tools.

  • API (REST): upload images, download usage data with REST API.

  • Multi-lingual: Beyond native English, Japanese and French, you can ask us to integrate additional languages.


Developer FIRST


The Unity3D strategy

Xloudia plugins are based on Unity3D and integrate into Objective C, Java and Windows mobile app projects in a few clicks. It significantly limits development costs, and accelerates mobile applications' go-to-market. From idea to store, it does not take more than Monday to Friday.

Personalised support

We assign a personal support engineer to each and every of our clients. They know who to call to complete their mission in total confidence. Support is paramount to Xloudia and makes a huge difference to our clients. Consider Xloudia as an extension of your team.

Custom adaptation

We are young and flexible. We can adapt to our clients' needs. The Xloudia team can go pretty far when it is about creating customer satisfaction. Everything you ask us is a new experience.


We are experienced in interactivity, m-commerce, Unity3D, computer vision and we share this experience with our customers as consulting missions to help them achieve their business goals.


100% White Label and Operator-ready

 Xloudia's management structure

Xloudia's management structure

Xloudia has been designed to accomodate distribution in various countries, under local brand colors, by multiple companies.

Operators (or distributors), manage local clIents.

Local clients run various projects (Categories).

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