Service Terms & Conditions



These general conditions of subscription (the General Conditions of Subscription) shall apply to the provision of all the Services by LM3LABS, Inc. (LM3LABS) in respect of the on-line platform Xloudia and its related products (Xloudia) and shall prevail over all contrary provisions or conditions that might be contained in any document or writing that a client (the Client) of LM3LABS would like to impose, particularly general conditions of purchase or particular language in the Subscription Contract, save for exceptions agreed by a written agreement and signed by LM3LABS and the Client.
LM3LABS’s failure at any time to assert any one of the General Conditions of Subscription may not be interpreted as LM3LABS’s waiver of asserting any one of such General Conditions of Subscription subsequently.


The General Conditions of Subscription may not be modified orally.


Except as specifically stipulated, as the case may be, in an agreement entered into between LM3LABS and the Client, LM3LABS shall provide the following services for the Client (the Services):

1. LM3LABS shall grant the Client, for the duration of his Subscription Agreement, a right to use
Xloudia on a personal and non-exclusive basis.

2. LM3LABS shall give the Client a series of keys, valid only for the duration of the Subscription, which when integrated into a mobile phone application will allow this application recognize images. The recognition is called a Request.

4. LM3LABS shall allow the Client, when accessing Xloudia, to upload pictures which will become “Markers” recognised and optionally tracked by Xloudia’s service.

5. Based on Xloudia’s algorithms and depending on his Subscription, the Client’s application will be able to extract feature points from a video flow captured with a compatible mobile phone, send the feature points to Xloudia servers, have them compared with Client’s Markers and receive the related ID of the Marker, and on a personal and non-exclusive basis:

(i) Manage Markers like upload, naming, sorting into categories, deleting;
(ii) Test markers;
(iii) Integrate Xloudia algorithms, prefab, library scripts and methods into a Unity3D template;
(iv) Optionally track images, recognise colors and shapes, and other options when made available;
(v) Download of Request counting as CSV file;
(vi) Consult of the usage Analytics.

6. LM3LABS shall integrate the Markers in Xloudia’s database with a view to hosting them and possibly re-using them.

7. During the period of the Subscription, the Client may not have more than the number of Markers defined in the pages above, simultaneously on Xloudia, nor complete the number of Requests defined in the pages above, for the period defined in the pages above.


LM3LABS will provide email and ticket system support for any difficulties or issues raised with respect to the use of, access to, invoicing and payment for Xloudia. Due to maintenance, security or capacity issues, and also to some events over which LM3LABS may not influence (force majeure, equipment malfunction, power failures, hostile attacks, etc.), Xloudia and Xloudia Support may be temporally suspended or affected. LM3LABS shall use our best commercially reasonable efforts to correct any errors and minimize any disruption, inaccessibility and/or inoperability of Xloudia, whether scheduled or not. LM3LABS usually provide forty-eight (48) hours advance notice to the Client in the event of any scheduled downtime. In the event of any downtime, the Client shall not be entitled to a pro rata reduction of any payments for such period unless the Downtime equals or exceeds five (5) consecutive working days or an aggregate of five (5) working days in any calendar month, in which case paying clients shall be entitled to a pro-rata reduction as their sole and exclusive remedy for such downtime.


Upon request LM3LABS will issue the invoice upon acceptance and execution of the Subscription.
Renewals are invoiced on the periodic renewal date of the current plan (monthly or annually). Unless provided otherwise in the Subscription Order, LM3LABS will issue all invoices in Euro, posted to the Client’s user account or by e-mail.


The Client’s execution of the Subscription Agreement shall imply the Client’s complete and unconditional acceptance of the General Conditions of Subscription. A Subscription Agreement shall become final only after being expressly accepted by LM3LABS. Once a Subscription Agreement has been accepted by LM3LABS, it may not be cancelled, amended or terminated (otherwise than on the expiry date of the then current period) without LM3LABS’s written agreement and only at conditions allowing LM3LABS to be indemnified for any loss or harm that the latter may have suffered, except if LM3LABS has breached its obligations pursuant to the Subscription Agreement.
The Subscription Agreement and the keys supplied by LM3LABS are personal to the Client and may not be transferred or assigned to any third party whatsoever, without LM3LABS’s prior written agreement.
Similarly, the Client undertakes not to allow any third party whatsoever, for one or more uses, whether or not commercial, to access Xloudia or to use it, or to make Requests on LM3LABS’s Markers database.


The Subscription Agreement is entered into for an initial term defined in the pages above. At the end of this initial term, the Subscription Agreement shall be renewable by tacit agreement for further twelve (12) month periods, unless terminated by notice sent by one of the parties to the other prior to the expiry of the then current period.
As an exception to the foregoing, in the event of either party’s breach of any one of the provisions of the Subscription Agreement, the Subscription Agreement shall be automatically terminated (subject to the specific provisions set out in the paragraph “Payment” below), without prejudice to any damages that the party suffering the harm might otherwise claim.
In the event of the termination of the Subscription Agreement, the Client shall no longer be able to access Xloudia and his keys will be disabled.


The Services shall be invoiced to the Client at the price of the subscription stated in the above pages (the Price). The Price is understood to be excluding tax.
LM3LABS shall draw up and issue an invoice on a monthly basis for the Client unless an automated payment method has been decided.
The price is expressed in Euro, Singapore Dollars or Japanese yen based on the selected subscription platform.


Unless otherwise agreed, the Client shall pay the Price in accordance with the provisions set out in the specific conditions of the Subscription Agreement and the payment date mentioned on the invoice issued
by LM3LABS. Any sum of money paid by the Client that does not correspond to the full amount of the Price shall constitute a down payment on the Price. When LM3LABS grants its legal entity Clients a payment
deferment, this must be specified in the specific conditions of the Subscription Agreement. When LM3LABS grants payment deferments, they are calculated starting from the payment date mentioned on the corresponding invoice. When LM3LABS grants payment deferments, any deterioration in the Client’s credit may justify a demand for guarantees to be provided or payment to be made cash.
Any sum not paid on the payment date mentioned in the invoice issued by LM3LABS shall result in the application of penalties, the amount of which shall be equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate. These penalties shall be due and payable following LM3LABS’s simple formal notice.
If the Client fails to pay forty eight (48) hours after formal notice has remained without effect, the Subscription Agreement shall be terminated automatically if LM3LABS sees fit, and LM3LABS may prohibit access to Xloudia’s services, without prejudice to any damages. The failure to pay a single invoice on its payment date shall also make the balance due on all the invoices in progress with the Client become immediately due and payable. Similarly, when LM3LABS has authorised the Client to make payment of the Price in several instalments, the failure to pay a single instalment shall result in the entirety of the Client’s debt becoming due and payable.
The Client shall reimburse to LM3LABS all the costs occasioned by the contentious recovery of the sums due, including any court officer’s fees.
The payments may not in any circumstances be suspended or be the subject of a set off without LM3LABS’s prior written agreement. Any partial payment, as the case may be, shall first be allocated to the non-secured part of the receivable, then to the sums that have been outstanding for the longest time.


In order to use Xloudia, the Client and his clients shall in particular have a recommended compliant mobile phone.
Xloudia’s software, documentation and methods made available to the Client by LM3LABS in the context of the performance of the Services shall remain LM3LABS’s exclusive property. Without LM3LABS’s prior written agreement, any reproduction or distribution of any one of the components of Xloudia, including the keys, is strictly forbidden and the Client shall remain solely liable towards LM3LABS for any infringement of its property right. The Client authorises LM3LABS to make all necessary modifications and adaptations to Xloudia to take into account its development, and all the modifications in connection with the possible upgrade of the service performance.


LM3LABS grants to the Client a right to use Xloudia in the condition in which it is with its imperfections, if any, and LM3LABS does not grant the Client any warranty concerning Xloudia, or any update, adaptation and/or modification warranty. The Client acknowledges in addition that LM3LABS shall be bound towards it only by a “best efforts” obligation for the performance of the Subscription Agreement, and LM3LABS shall not in any circumstances be held liable for consequential damage, such as commercial harm, loss of clientele, loss of orders, any commercial disruption, loss of profits, loss of brand image or third party action, which might be suffered by the Client.
LM3LABS does not grant the Client any guarantee of quality or fitness for a particular use, or absence of a virus that might be introduced by other clients using Xloudia, despite the protective measures taken by LM3LABS.
LM3LABS also does not grant the Client any undertaking or guarantee in terms of timing for the processing of the Markers or Requests performance.
Finally, LM3LABS does not grant the Client any guaranteed supply of the Services (i) in the event of the interruption or poor functioning of the Internet or Mobile network or the Client’s connection or (ii) in the event of incompatibility with the Client’s software or hardware, or further (iii) in the event of the wrong manipulation of Xloudia.
The Client expressly declares that he holds all the rights necessary to create the Markers, that they are not harmful to public order and accepted standards of good behaviour or to third party rights, and particularly the right to the image of the owners of the photographed objects or architects’ literary and artistic property right relating to these objects, and that he has received all the necessary authorisations, and guarantees LM3LABS for each Marker against any disturbance, demand, forfeiture of rights or claim in this regard, whether the photographs and Images were taken and animated for the first time following their being placed on Xloudia by the Client or they come from LM3LABS’s database (in which case the Client’s liability shall be joint and several with that of the client that placed the Image on Xloudia for the first time and guarantees that the original authorisations were obtained).
The Client represents and warrants to LM3LABS in particular that he has received all the necessary authorisations for one or more uses of the Markers on any type of medium and for any type of use, and that these authorisations shall remain valid for a period of one (1) year from the date they are first placed on Xloudia, renewable thereafter by tacit agreement for further one (1) year periods, unless terminated by either of the parties at the end of each of the renewal periods in consideration for minimum notice of three (3) months.
The Client expressly undertakes in addition to inform LM3LABS of any financial difficulty and any risk of insolvency pursuant to this clause, in order to allow LM3LABS to withdraw the Images from its database until the Client’s return to a better financial situation.


In the event of force majeure, LM3LABS and the Client agree that the performance of the Subscription Agreement and the Services shall be suspended initially. If the force majeure event or events have a duration of more than two (2) months, the Subscription Agreement shall be terminated automatically, unless otherwise agreed between LM3LABS and the Client.
Force majeure events or acts of God are expressly considered to be, other than those usually retained by the case law of international courts and tribunals, war, nuclear accident, total or partial strikes, whether internal or external to the enterprise, lock-out, bad weather, epidemics, blockages of transport or supply means for any reason whatsoever, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, water damage, government or legal restrictions, legal or regulation changes in the forms of commercialisation, computer breakdowns, blockage of telecommunication means, including the networks, and any other event independent of the express will of LM3LABS preventing the normal performance of the Subscription Agreement and the Services.


The information provided by the Client at the time of the conclusion of the Subscription Agreement shall be processed electronically in LM3LABS’s or partner’s data files in France, in the USA or in Japan based on the subscription platform they selected. The Client shall have a right of access and rectification of the data concerning him with LM3LABS’s commercial department, and may object to this personal information being processed or transmitted to third parties by indicating it expressly to LM3LABS.


In registering for Xloudia and submitting to LM3LABS’ systems any personal data (“Client’s Data”), including photographs, images or any metadata within a Xloudia category, the Client is the Data Controller and the Client appoints LM3LABS as a Data Processor of such data, for the purpose of providing the Xloudia service.
As Data Processor on the Client’s behalf, LM3LABS shall (a) implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the Client’s Data against any unauthorized or unlawful access, loss, destruction, theft, use or disclosure; LM3LABS implement basic security measures and no higher level measures are available for Xloudia; (b) limit access to the Client’s Data only to those employees who need to know it to enable LM3LABS to perform the Services, and shall take appropriate steps to ensure the reliability of those of its employees or subcontractors who have access to the Client’s Data; (c) only process the personal data as specified by these Terms and in accordance with the Client’s instructions.
Upon the expiry or termination of this Agreement by way or de-registration, or upon request of the Client, cease any and all use of Client’s Data and will destroy or return it to the Client. LM3LABS will not disclose the Client’s Data to any third party without the Client’s prior written consent of the Client.
As Data Processor LM3LABS may provide access to a subcontractor processor to Client’s Data if LM3LABS reasonably considers such access and processing necessary to the performance of the Services. In the event of such access and before the access takes place, LM3LABS shall ensure that an agreement with the third party is in place which is sufficient to require it to treat personal data in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Agreement and applicable. The Client authorises LM3LABS to subcontract such processing in Client’s name. In particular, the Client authorises LM3LABS to subcontract data storage and hosting services to Amazon Web Services LLC, member of the US Privacy Safe Harbour.
LM3LABS shall provide the Client with reasonable assistance in the event that the Client receives a request from an individual or regulator under data protection laws, provided that the Client shall first use all reasonable endeavours to resolve the request without LM3LABS’ assistance. LM3LABS shall promptly notify the Client of any such request received that should properly have been addressed to the Client.
LM3LABS warrants that the Client have all the appropriate consents from data subjects whose personal data are submitted to LM3LABS in the course of the provision of the Xloudia service. The Client will indemnify and keep LM3LABS harmless from all claims, damages and losses LM3LABS may suffer relating  to or arising out of the processing of third party personal data submitted to LM3LABS’ systems during the course of the provision of the Xloudia service.


Either party receiving information from the other marked "confidential", or which may reasonably be supposed to be confidential, including, without limitation, information contained in or input onto Xloudia or related software, shall not without the other's prior written consent use such information except for the purposes of this Agreement, or disclose such information to any person other than to their own employees or agents who have a need to know.


LM3LABS shall remain the sole owners of Xloudia and of all the intellectual property rights related thereto.
The Client may not, and the Client may not permit others to reverse engineer, decompile, decode, decrypt, disassemble, or in any way derive source code from, Xloudia or Xloudia technical elements.
The Client may not use Xloudia and associated elements for the purposes of competing with LM3LABS, including without limitation competitive intelligence.
The Client may not publish or disclose the results of any benchmarking of Xloudia, or use such results for any other cloud-based service development activities.




The Subscription Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the state of Delaware, USA.
In the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute in connection with the Subscription Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in the territorial jurisdiction of the state of Delaware court, including in the event of summary proceedings, an incidental claim, the presence of several defendants or impleading actions.


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