Xloudia pricing model is based on the quantity of recognitions (or requests) per month. A request is a positive identification of a target within the same session.

Xloudia comes as monthly subscriptions paid by credit card. There is no minimum engagement time. You can stop at any time, you can upgrade and downgrade at any time.

Xloudia is available at no charge while your application is in development. Prior to launching your app, you will need to select a paid plan.

A Xloudia account allows UNLIMITED NUMBER OF APPS.



A request is a positive identification of a target within the same session. For instance, you point at a magazine and it is recognized, we count 1 request. Then you turn a few pages and make an other recognition, we count 2. You then go back to the first page and make a recognition again, you are still at 2.

We do not bill for:

  • markers/images: you can have a many targets/images on our servers
  • apps: you can create as many apps as you want from the same account, with the same request quota
  • contents: you can store as many contents as you want on our servers (Xloudia Lite)

Code-Free Users

You want to start using Xloudia without development work and within 24h, Xloudia Lite is made for you. Xloudia is made of simplified dashboard and pre-designed mobile phone templates. It will save you the cost of a mobile phone developer.

THE Operator PLAN

Xloudia welcomes Resellers and Distributors, and we will call you an "Operator".

Operators can run their own operations under their own service brand name:

  • offer a customised dashboard to their own clients
  • package their own pricing plans
  • create client accounts
  • manage and bill clients independently
  • integrate into their own system thru web services

other plans

Each plan comes with:

  • a SDK for Android, iOS (optionnally Windows Mobile)
  • image tracking for Augmented Reality applications (AR),
  • unlimited number of targets (markers),
  • unlimited number of mobile applications,
  • unlimited alerts and limits,
  • a solution center in English including documentation and code examples,
  • ticket support in English, French or Japanese,
  • a complete dashboard in English, French or Japanese with real-time analytics.

Industrial Wearables

Thanks to its permanent search flow, Xloudia is a perfect solution for industrial applications in association with smartglasses. Xloudia Glass is a technical module for Android-based smartglasses. We work on project-based terms for Xloudia Glass. Please Enquire.

Xloudia Search, Xloudia Labelling

Xloudia Search and Xloudia Labelling are aimed at large deployments. Please contact our sales team to enquiry about the price solution that will fit your precise needs.

Payment Details

Subscriptions are managed by LM3LABS, Inc., in US Dollar. All prices are exclusive of taxe and other applicable taxes. US customers can subscribe from

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