Xloudia Lite goes Global


After a successful launch in Japan, Xloudia Lite is now available worldwide.

Xloudia Lite is a packaged version of the fastest image recognition in the world Xloudia Plus. It lets clients get their Android and iOS application in a few hours without any line of code nor server deployment.

At the launch date, Xloudia Lite comes at 330 euros per month for 50,000 requests per month. A bargain considering the cost of mobile application development and server rental.

Xloudia's team takes care of everything, application development, publishing on stores, server maintenance.

Clients are autonomous in their content management thanks to Xloudia Lite's dashboard where they can upload images, markers, movies, text, web site and GPS coordinates.

Xloudia Lite was particularly successful to restaurant guides and other tourism industry. Each restaurant pays a modest amount to be presented in printed guides and linking to presentation digital contents.

A Xloudia Lite example in Japan with BoutikNavi.