LM3LABS’ team is excited to announce the launch of Xloudia Beacon, a new technology module within the Xloudia family.

Xloudia Beacon simplifies the management of iBeacon emitters in Retail, Museums and during Events. Thanks to the cloud, iBeacon emitters can be provisioned, managed, associated to specific actions, distantly and in real time.

More importantly, Xloudia Beacon links directly to other Xloudia modules like Xloudia Imerico, Color and Xloudia TV to create a seamless experience starting from Home (with print materials like magazines or TV trailers) to the product shelf in the Shop.

Now, you can call your client by her first name and craft her a very personal experience of your brand.

Xloudia Beacon works with all BLE emitters on the market and can even federate heterogeneous deployments.

Xloudia Beacon is available today. Consult us for deployment recommendations and application ideas.

In this movie:

Sheena has a shiny iPhone 5S and it's her best shopping tool.

  1. Sheena scans a magazine and collects coupon
  2. Sheena enters the shop and gets a personalised message
  3. She comes close to the desired dress and gets an additional discount
  4. Sheena passes by an other product and gets matching recommendations
  5. While close to the shampoo shelf, she is proposed to scan a new product, she scans and order a sample that she will receive at home.
  6. When she leaved the shop, Sheena receives a "Thank You" message In the meantime, the magazine and the shop collected a lot of data about:
  • her habits
  • her tastes
  • her move inside the shop, how long she spent looking at some items, what items were not interesting etc...

They could create a deeper engagement and customer relationship that they will grow with new features.

Dimensions for this demonstration:

  • Shop is 20 square meters.
  • Interactive range around product is 1m.
  • Range around the shop is 3 meters.