Street Behavior Analytics: Xloudia Witness

Xloudia has partnered with New York-based Placemeter to bring together a seamless analytics solution, from client's smartphone to the shop's shelf. Xloudia Witness is born.

Placemeter offers a smart solution for turning video into data. Placemeter elegant camera sensor tracks pedestrian, bicycle, cars, process the data locally, 24h/day and send the data for real time data analysis.

This partnership paves the way to the first seamless analytics solution which leverages machine learning (aka Big Data) and offers a unified view of Brand's performance:


Xloudia Witness, and more generally, the Xloudia suite address the needs for brands or retail owners to understand their clients behaviors in multiple environments (home, real estate surroundings, inside shop,...).

Retail and Brands can :

  • assess their actions effectiveness,
  • quantify the sales funnel,
  • select the most appropriate location,
  • improve their staff management,
  • take appropriate decisions based on fine customer segmentation.

Placemeter data are crossed with external data like weather, date/time, other media date collected by Xloudia other modules, etc...

In order to comply with most countries regulations, all data are processed anonymously.

Please contact us for pushing the conversation further !

 Placemeter camera sensor box

Placemeter camera sensor box