Tokyo, December 19th, 2012

LM3LABS Corporation today announces the launch of a new service that can recognize millions of images, products or buildings. The service called Xloudia (to pronounce cloud-ia) is a cloud-based solution for B2B integration into mobile applications.

Until today, image recognition, which is necessary for most augmented reality applications on a mobile phone was limited by capabilities of the device. Reference images were limited to a hundred maximum. Xloudia relies on a cloud architecture to recognize millions of images leaving to the mobile the lighter task of extracting feature points from the camera video flow and rendering contents.

Beyond the technical prowess, it opens a new range of applications and business models that were impossible before. For instance, Xloudia makes possible to recognize millions of products on a catalog or in real life. Xloudia shortens sales cycles by creating immediate relationship between products and sales or marketing.

Xloudia comes as a “white brand” and can be integrated in any existing web workflow but also into Augmented Reality, Gaming, Publishing, Advertising, and Museums-related mobile applications.

Xloudia is available to large e-commerce companies as well as to independent app developers who will launch new business models. Xloudia supports iOS and Android platforms.

The service web site http://xloudia.com will provide additional information about the service. LM3LABS Corporation will be happy to answer enquiries and assist in Xloudia-based business model design.

About LM3LABS:
LM3LABS was founded in February 2004. It is based in Tokyo, Singapore and Sophia-Antipolis in France. LM3LABS is a leader in computer vision technology and serves most demanding around the world with interactive technologies like 3DFeel, Catchyoo, Ubiq’window, Moovaction or AirStrike.