How to Migrate from Metaio to Xloudia?

The news is official, Metaio has been acquired by Apple and they stopped taking new orders.

Whatever comes up from this acquisition, there will be a need for independent, flexible and human technology providers on the market.

You may read this page because you are looking for a replacement and we are here to help.

Who are those guys?

Created in 2003, LM3LABS, the company behind Xloudia, is an independent, flexible, and innovative research laboratory in the realm of computer vision, based in Tokyo, Singapore and South of France. LM3LABS has created 10 innovative products within 10 years for finger, body, eyes and face tracking.

Our Xloudia strategy is to offer a “white brand” solution which can you used by you or very large groups.

Instead of growing a large community of developers (which is good too), we prefer to meet and sign major accounts that we target ourselves. That’s why we are not in TechCrunch (and why you must stop reading it ;-)

We are independent and we intend to stay independent because the best is to come in our industry.

BTW, Xloudia is pronounced "Cloudia".

What is different with Xloudia ?

Unlike Metaio or others, Xloudia is not born from the AR legacy but from the cloud search optimization. Xloudia’s name starts with XL and finishes with Cloud. Xloudia is design for massive image recognition, worldwide.

  • Xloudia considers that recognition algorithms are mainstream and that the battle and revolution is on the deep learning front. This is where you will find our men in 2015.
  • Instead of a proprietary SDK, Xloudia relies on Unity3D for rendering: you can develop an app in Unity3D and export to Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry in a few clicks. Unity is highly supported by a very large community of developers.
  • We do TV/Video recognition, just like Shazam but based on the frames. It is ready for YOU !
  • We do very accurate matrix tracking for AR.
  • We do color recognition.
  • We integrated with iBeacon. We tamed the beast. It is all done, ready for you to propose to your clients.
  • Our Infrastructure is ready for “Operators” who can resell Xloudia under their own brand and colors to other AR companies, activate them, bill them, in total autonomy.

How to start ?

Test Xloudia ! That’s the best way to make an opinion. If you are a developer, you can request a trial.

If you are a business/marketing guy, you can try BoutikNavi or the Currency Converter (search for the same on Google Play if you are on Android).

Pricing ?

We are affordable because we are well managed ;-)

We also created a “Ciao Metaio” program which runs until the end of June. Contact our sales team for a good surprise.

More question ?

Feel free to contact us with your specific questions.