Hello, Xloudia Search

We are pleased to announce 2 new services : Xloudia Search and Xloudia Labelling.

Xloudia Labelling is a mass labelling service for pictures. It is available today to online stores. It will also be available to Xloudia Imerico clients for auto-labelling of markers/reference images in a few days.

Xloudia Search is an in-Video Search engine which indexes footages' contents. It leverages LM3LABS' 13 years work in computer vision and most recent developments in the Deep Learning realm.

Xloudia Search indexes videos, indexes colors, finds objects, faces, brands but more importantly brings the analysis a step further with scene understanding: pace, gestures, expressions, motion tracking,...

Beyond indexing and search, Xloudia Search will offer auto-edition smart navigation capabilities, significantly easing the movie edition and improving the watching of movies.

Xloudia Search addresses the huge market of in-Video search, as video is planned to become the main media by 2020.

Here is an example for commercial video content Indexing and tracking:


Xloudia Search is in Private Beta today. Xloudia TV customers will be the first to benefit from Xloudia Search amazing features within a few weeks.

Note: this movie is partially edited thanks to Xloudia Search auto-edit feature.