Hello, Xloudia Search

We are pleased to announce 2 new services : Xloudia Search and Xloudia Labelling.

Xloudia Labelling is a mass labelling service for pictures. It is available today to online stores. It will also be available to Xloudia Imerico clients for auto-labelling of markers/reference images in a few days.

Xloudia Search is an in-Video Search engine which indexes footages' contents. It leverages LM3LABS' 13 years work in computer vision and most recent developments in the Deep Learning realm.

Xloudia Search indexes videos, indexes colors, finds objects, faces, brands but more importantly brings the analysis a step further with scene understanding: pace, gestures, expressions, motion tracking,...

Beyond indexing and search, Xloudia Search will offer auto-edition smart navigation capabilities, significantly easing the movie edition and improving the watching of movies.

Xloudia Search addresses the huge market of in-Video search, as video is planned to become the main media by 2020.

Here is an example for commercial video content Indexing and tracking:


Xloudia Search is in Private Beta today. Xloudia TV customers will be the first to benefit from Xloudia Search amazing features within a few weeks.

Note: this movie is partially edited thanks to Xloudia Search auto-edit feature.



On Mobile Commerce and Frictionless

Criteo, a French redirecting leader which has a pretty good view on the situation published a very interesting report about the state of mobile commerce.
Their report focuses on France with a comparison with the rest of the world, and of course we are more interested in this rest of the world.

So, what do we learn in this report ?

Teaching 1: Apps retain 2x as much user than web apps

Within the following 30 days of the first visit, visiteur have 2x more chance to come again on the site when using an App.


Teaching 2: It's done. More than 50% of e-commerce in Japan and UK and done from a smartphone

 Share of mobile in e-Commerce transactions by country Q2016 vs. Q22015

Share of mobile in e-Commerce transactions by country Q2016 vs. Q22015

That's something we can confirm too in Japan (our main market) where we reach 90% of traffic  from mobile+tablet on some projects at prime hour (7PM to 9PM).

 Share of mobile from one of our Google Analytics' projects at 7:30PM (Japan)

Share of mobile from one of our Google Analytics' projects at 7:30PM (Japan)

 Smartphone (red) vs. Tablet (grey) in the mobile share. Korea and Japan said goodbye to tablets. Probably because of large screens penetration on those markets.

Smartphone (red) vs. Tablet (grey) in the mobile share. Korea and Japan said goodbye to tablets. Probably because of large screens penetration on those markets.

Teaching 3: higher smartphone rate = higher conversion

That's the blast to many e-commerce specialists: as of September 2016, smartphone improves results. Countries with higher share of the mobile in e-commerce also have better conversion rates.

Smartphones has become a better tool to capture clients.

 Conversion rate by country compare to France (orange line)

Conversion rate by country compare to France (orange line)

TEACHING 4: The conversion funnel is amazingly better for apps

Clients using apps watch 4.6x more products on an app than on a mobile browser.

They put 2.5x more products in cart.

They buy 1.2x more thru an app than a mobile browser.

On average the conversion rate is 3x on an app.

TEACHING 5: Build a Mobile Strategy first. 

Criteo recommend to adopt a Mature relationship to Mobile.

  1. Create a frictionless experience. That Xloudia's job ! 
  2. Reward the user when coming frequently on the app. In our Xloudia jargon we call it: "turn the user experience a reflex". 
  3. Anticipate the needs. Xloudia analytics and deep learning can help understand what clients are looking for.
  4. Create Loyalty. Here again. Xloudia lets apps become addictive. The ease of use is unique to no other media.

You read French and you want to read to full report. Download it from here.

Stars & Stripes

Dear Xloudia Friends,

We are pleased to unveil our mother company's New York new office which started operations last week.

This new LM3LABS office in the US will help us to get closer to key players in our domain and better serve our customers.

In 2016, 60% of LM3LABS leads are originated from the US.

LM3LABS Inc. USA’s mission is to focus on

  • Next-generation Retail,
  • mobile Commerce,
  • Deep Learning.

This presence in North America will also bring us increased visibility to investors.

The New York office complements our operations in Tokyo, Singapore and Sophia-Antipolis (where we are opening a European showroom).

This impacts very positively Xloudia and clients as it will bring additional support and resources.

LM3LABS Inc. - 833 Broadway Floor 2, New York, NY 10003, United States - Tel:
(347) 573-9393


Street Behavior Analytics: Xloudia Witness

Xloudia has partnered with New York-based Placemeter to bring together a seamless analytics solution, from client's smartphone to the shop's shelf. Xloudia Witness is born.

Placemeter offers a smart solution for turning video into data. Placemeter elegant camera sensor tracks pedestrian, bicycle, cars, process the data locally, 24h/day and send the data for real time data analysis.

This partnership paves the way to the first seamless analytics solution which leverages machine learning (aka Big Data) and offers a unified view of Brand's performance:


Xloudia Witness, and more generally, the Xloudia suite address the needs for brands or retail owners to understand their clients behaviors in multiple environments (home, real estate surroundings, inside shop,...).

Retail and Brands can :

  • assess their actions effectiveness,
  • quantify the sales funnel,
  • select the most appropriate location,
  • improve their staff management,
  • take appropriate decisions based on fine customer segmentation.

Placemeter data are crossed with external data like weather, date/time, other media date collected by Xloudia other modules, etc...

In order to comply with most countries regulations, all data are processed anonymously.

Please contact us for pushing the conversation further !

 Placemeter camera sensor box

Placemeter camera sensor box


QR / Bar Code Reader


In order to improve the m-commerce experience, we integrated a QR Code and Bar Code reader as part of the Xloudia SDK.

Code readers read code seamlessly in parallel to image recognition. There is no button to press, no alignment to match. When holding a product in hand, your smartphone searches for images wherever they are: Brand, Logo, QR or Bar codes. The first of those to be recognised is taking the lead.

It makes the user experience even more compeling and smooth.

Of course you can decide to separate the processes to make it independent or attached to a button.



How to Migrate from Metaio to Xloudia?

The news is official, Metaio has been acquired by Apple and they stopped taking new orders.

Whatever comes up from this acquisition, there will be a need for independent, flexible and human technology providers on the market.

You may read this page because you are looking for a replacement and we are here to help.

Who are those guys?

Created in 2003, LM3LABS, the company behind Xloudia, is an independent, flexible, and innovative research laboratory in the realm of computer vision, based in Tokyo, Singapore and South of France. LM3LABS has created 10 innovative products within 10 years for finger, body, eyes and face tracking.

Our Xloudia strategy is to offer a “white brand” solution which can you used by you or very large groups.

Instead of growing a large community of developers (which is good too), we prefer to meet and sign major accounts that we target ourselves. That’s why we are not in TechCrunch (and why you must stop reading it ;-)

We are independent and we intend to stay independent because the best is to come in our industry.

BTW, Xloudia is pronounced "Cloudia".

What is different with Xloudia ?

Unlike Metaio or others, Xloudia is not born from the AR legacy but from the cloud search optimization. Xloudia’s name starts with XL and finishes with Cloud. Xloudia is design for massive image recognition, worldwide.

  • Xloudia considers that recognition algorithms are mainstream and that the battle and revolution is on the deep learning front. This is where you will find our men in 2015.
  • Instead of a proprietary SDK, Xloudia relies on Unity3D for rendering: you can develop an app in Unity3D and export to Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry in a few clicks. Unity is highly supported by a very large community of developers.
  • We do TV/Video recognition, just like Shazam but based on the frames. It is ready for YOU !
  • We do very accurate matrix tracking for AR.
  • We do color recognition.
  • We integrated with iBeacon. We tamed the beast. It is all done, ready for you to propose to your clients.
  • Our Infrastructure is ready for “Operators” who can resell Xloudia under their own brand and colors to other AR companies, activate them, bill them, in total autonomy.

How to start ?

Test Xloudia ! That’s the best way to make an opinion. If you are a developer, you can request a trial.

If you are a business/marketing guy, you can try BoutikNavi or the Currency Converter (search for the same on Google Play if you are on Android).

Pricing ?

We are affordable because we are well managed ;-)

We also created a “Ciao Metaio” program which runs until the end of June. Contact our sales team for a good surprise.

More question ?

Feel free to contact us with your specific questions.

iOS 64 Bit Compliance

As Apple announced on October 20, 2014, starting February 1, 2015, new iOS apps uploaded to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or later. To enable 64-bit in your project, we recommend using the default Xcode build setting of “Standard architectures” to build a single binary with both 32-bit and 64-bit code.

Xloudia Plus fully supports iOS 8 and 64-bit ARM architecture.

You can obtain the Xloudia Plus SDK with iOS 64-bit support in the Template section of the Support site

If you are creating an app using Xloudia Plus and iOS 8, you should also make sure to apply the same build settings to your own project, in order to be able to upload your App to the Apple App Store.

It is also recommended that you test your App on both at least one 64-bit and one 32-bit device, before submitting it to the App store; for example, the iPhone 5S is equipped with 64-bit CPU, whereas the iPhone 4S has a 32-bit chip. An App must be able to correctly run on both platforms (32 and 64-bit).

Let us know any question on this topic on the Support Site.

Xloudia Lite goes Global


After a successful launch in Japan, Xloudia Lite is now available worldwide.

Xloudia Lite is a packaged version of the fastest image recognition in the world Xloudia Plus. It lets clients get their Android and iOS application in a few hours without any line of code nor server deployment.

At the launch date, Xloudia Lite comes at 330 euros per month for 50,000 requests per month. A bargain considering the cost of mobile application development and server rental.

Xloudia's team takes care of everything, application development, publishing on stores, server maintenance.

Clients are autonomous in their content management thanks to Xloudia Lite's dashboard where they can upload images, markers, movies, text, web site and GPS coordinates.

Xloudia Lite was particularly successful to restaurant guides and other tourism industry. Each restaurant pays a modest amount to be presented in printed guides and linking to presentation digital contents.

A Xloudia Lite example in Japan with BoutikNavi.


In order to ease Xloudia's growing business in Europe, Xloudia customers have now the option to subscribe and contract in Euro and in Europe from LM3LABS' EC site.

This option complement payment options in Singapore (in SGD) and in Japan (in JPY and for Xloudia Lite only).

The European subscription platform becomes the main one for Xloudia and LM3LABS s.a.r.l., based in France, is the official entity for payment and contract.

Please let us know any question about this topic.



We are delighted to unveil Xloudia Plus the new generation of image recognition with extraordinary performances:

- 10x faster on standard image collection recognitions and up to 20x faster on long movies and TV programs
- Integrated dashboard with a unified access to all Xloudia plugins
- Simplified right management system for "operators"
- Integrated ticket support

But, good news do not stop here, Xloudia is coming as a free upgrade to existing clients and at the same low price than Xloudia for new customers.

You can contact us to trial Xloudia Plus.


LM3LABS’ team is excited to announce the launch of Xloudia Beacon, a new technology module within the Xloudia family.

Xloudia Beacon simplifies the management of iBeacon emitters in Retail, Museums and during Events. Thanks to the cloud, iBeacon emitters can be provisioned, managed, associated to specific actions, distantly and in real time.

More importantly, Xloudia Beacon links directly to other Xloudia modules like Xloudia Imerico, Color and Xloudia TV to create a seamless experience starting from Home (with print materials like magazines or TV trailers) to the product shelf in the Shop.

Now, you can call your client by her first name and craft her a very personal experience of your brand.

Xloudia Beacon works with all BLE emitters on the market and can even federate heterogeneous deployments.

Xloudia Beacon is available today. Consult us for deployment recommendations and application ideas.

In this movie:

Sheena has a shiny iPhone 5S and it's her best shopping tool.

  1. Sheena scans a magazine and collects coupon
  2. Sheena enters the shop and gets a personalised message
  3. She comes close to the desired dress and gets an additional discount
  4. Sheena passes by an other product and gets matching recommendations
  5. While close to the shampoo shelf, she is proposed to scan a new product, she scans and order a sample that she will receive at home.
  6. When she leaved the shop, Sheena receives a "Thank You" message In the meantime, the magazine and the shop collected a lot of data about:
  • her habits
  • her tastes
  • her move inside the shop, how long she spent looking at some items, what items were not interesting etc...

They could create a deeper engagement and customer relationship that they will grow with new features.

Dimensions for this demonstration:

  • Shop is 20 square meters.
  • Interactive range around product is 1m.
  • Range around the shop is 3 meters. 


Last year we launched the first visual currency converter on smartphone. It can recognise a bank note from thousands in circulation around the world and display its current value in your home currency.

This year we launch ConverterXpress a focused version limited to 12 important currencies for travellers: Euro, US, Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australian dollars, Ruble, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Brasilian Real and British Pound. We replaced the Bitcoin by the Malaysian Ringgit.

ConverterXpress is also becoming even faster.

Xloudia Converter is an interaction design style exercise above all but it will be your good companion this summer.

You can download it from Google Play, Apple’s AppStore and Amazon.


Xloudia is sponsor of the 5th Photo Hack Day which happens on February 22/23 in Tokyo.

The event is sponsored by Aviary, Mixi, Shutterstock,… and Xloudia.

Developers and designers will use Xloudia API to develop new innovative application of Xloudia.

If you are in Tokyo, join us. For the best app Xloudia offers the following prizes:

  • - 1x Lenovo Yoga tablet
  • - 1x year of Xloudia subscription free
  • - Interactive T-Shirts to be used with Xloudia

Let’s code together !


We are launching the best (first) movie recognition solution and it is called Xloudia TV.

Xloudia TV recognises a movie, clip, trailer, video in a fraction of a second thanks to Xloudia technology.

It aims at helping TV Channels, Advertisers, large brands, and mobile commerce companies to bridge the gap between TV and smartphone, bringing interactive features to plain TV.

We are here to discuss with you your projects. More about Xloudia TV.


Tokyo, December 19th, 2012

LM3LABS Corporation today announces the launch of a new service that can recognize millions of images, products or buildings. The service called Xloudia (to pronounce cloud-ia) is a cloud-based solution for B2B integration into mobile applications.

Until today, image recognition, which is necessary for most augmented reality applications on a mobile phone was limited by capabilities of the device. Reference images were limited to a hundred maximum. Xloudia relies on a cloud architecture to recognize millions of images leaving to the mobile the lighter task of extracting feature points from the camera video flow and rendering contents.

Beyond the technical prowess, it opens a new range of applications and business models that were impossible before. For instance, Xloudia makes possible to recognize millions of products on a catalog or in real life. Xloudia shortens sales cycles by creating immediate relationship between products and sales or marketing.

Xloudia comes as a “white brand” and can be integrated in any existing web workflow but also into Augmented Reality, Gaming, Publishing, Advertising, and Museums-related mobile applications.

Xloudia is available to large e-commerce companies as well as to independent app developers who will launch new business models. Xloudia supports iOS and Android platforms.

The service web site http://xloudia.com will provide additional information about the service. LM3LABS Corporation will be happy to answer enquiries and assist in Xloudia-based business model design.

About LM3LABS:
LM3LABS was founded in February 2004. It is based in Tokyo, Singapore and Sophia-Antipolis in France. LM3LABS is a leader in computer vision technology and serves most demanding around the world with interactive technologies like 3DFeel, Catchyoo, Ubiq’window, Moovaction or AirStrike.