Super-Hero Powers for your Commerce

Xloudia is a Machine Learning-based SDK including a set of powerful technologies for the Mobile and Video Commerce industries.

Xloudia offers high performance, high scalability and highly reliable plugins for the Web, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets.


200msec recognition of an image among milliions. Designed for extra large databases.

The power and flexibility of cloud in your pocket. Always improving.

Artificial Intelligence for faster and more relevant results. Classification and proximity recommendations.


Xloudia builds the most powerful tools for the mobile internet industry. Served by a central Machine Learning engine, Xloudia comes as modules which can be individually activated from Xloudia unified Dashboard according to your needs:


Xloudia Imerico

Hi-speed image recognition with your smartphone, Augmented Reality, and more.

Xloudia TV

TV program recognition with your smartphone.


A revolutionary suite of APIs for automation of video content retrieval.


Xloudia Color

Accurate and fast color recognition with your smartphone.

Xloudia Lite

A zero-code, ready-to-use, image recognition solution for your company.


Extra-Large pictures database automatic labelling based on Deep Learning.


Xloudia Glass

Image recognition and tracking for Android-based smart glasses.

Xloudia Code

Bar & QR reading.

Xloudia Beacon

A robust iBeacon integration for your next-generation retail strategy.


A Fresh Vision

Putting Mobile at the heart of commerce, Xloudia technologies fuels a revolution in Retail, Publishing and TV.


A set of high capabilities independent plugin modules building a unified Cloud architecture.

For App Developers

Focused on Android, iOS and Windows mobile applications with personalised support, custom adaptations and consulting.


Xloudia's SDK runs on Unity3D and Apache Cordova and is available on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile platforms.

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