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  • LM3LABS’ team is excited to announce the launch of Xloudia Beacon, a new technology module within the Xloudia family. Xloudia Beacon simplifies the management of iBeacon emitters in Retail, Museums and during Events. Thanks to the cloud, iBeacon emitters can be provisioned, managed, associated to specific actions, distantly and in real time. More importantly, Xloudia Beacon links… Read more
  • Last year we launched the first visual currency converter on smartphone. It can recognise a bank note from thousands in circulation around the world and display its current value in your home currency. This year we launch ConverterXpress a focused version limited to 12 important currencies for travellers: Euro, US, Canadian, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australian… Read more
  • Xloudia is sponsor of the 5th Photo Hack Day which happens on February 22/23 in Tokyo. The event is sponsored by Aviary, Mixi, Shutterstock,… and Xloudia. Developers and designers will use Xloudia API to develop new innovative application of Xloudia. If you are in Tokyo, join us. For the best app Xloudia offers the following… Read more
  • We are launching the best (first) movie recognition solution and it is called Xloudia TV. It can recognise a movie, clip, trailer, video in a fraction of a second thanks to Xloudia technology. It aims at helping TV Channels, Advertisers, large brands, and mobile commerce companies to bridge the gap between TV and smartphone, bringing… Read more
  • BoutikNavi is a Xloudia demo for Android and iOS. It illustrates a simple business model where local publishers create a digital link to their traditional medial thanks to the smartphone. You can download BoutikNavi from HERE. Read more

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Key Features

  • Markerless technology
  • Excellent Tracking
  • Adaptive to environmental conditions
  • Built for massive database search
  • Lowest false positive rate (<1%)
  • Resilient to clutter and partial occlusions
  • On-the-fly image loading for seamless database expansion
  • Feature-rich Dashboard



Target Markets


  • CD/DVD and book covers
  • Newspapers and Magazines’ images
  • Logos and brands
  • Posters
  • Products
  • Monuments and places


  • m-Commerce and e-Commerce
  • Publishing
  • Digital Signage
  • Gaming
  • Advertising
  • Augmented Reality